Sleigh bells ring ...

There are few things more irritating than pouring water into the kettle for a cuppa, disappearing for a couple of minutes to do something else while it boils, then coming back and realising you forgot to switch the bloody thing on. So that's what I'm dealing with today. How are you?

Christmas is starting to get into full swing. The tree went up on the 1st, as always. Some of the lights were broken, and I got into a strop about that. Then I couldn't get the tinsel to look right, and I got into a strop about that, too. 'Tis the season. 

(The broken lights got hidden around the back of the tree and the tinsel got sorted eventually. Crisis averted.)

Jack has been in 'Full Festive' mode since mid-November. He's the only person I know who gets even more excited about Christmas than I do, and that's saying quite a lot. He got me a Galaxy chocolate advent calendar and a Yankee Candle advent calendar, as well as a little tealight holder in which to hold the candles. 

Giving people presents is one of Jack's favourite things to do, and he likes me for some reason, so he always ends up getting me loads. This works out really well for me; I love getting presents. He seems really excited about them, which is pretty adorable actually.

Jack asked if I knew what I was going to get for him yet and I told him I was going to make him a mix-CD. I was sort of half joking but then he seemed quite taken with the idea, so whatever, I'm doing it. I've got him a couple of other things, too, so I won't look like the biggest cheapskate in the world.

But anyway. Christmas time is busy. There's a lot to do, and people to see, and plans to make. I'll see you on the other side.

Song of the Day: You're The Storm by The Cardigans ('Cause you're the storm that I believe in/ And all this peace has been deceiving/ I like the sweet life and the silence/ But it's the storm that I believe in)

Currently reading: A Torch Against The Night by Sabaa Tahir

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