Starting Afresh

Believe it or not, this is my very first post on this particular part of the internet. I had two blogs; one which just had general ramblings, and another which had outfit posts and wishlists and stuff like that. Posts on both of those gradually became few and far between and I knew the main reason for that was because of the hassle of having two blogs. Also, I felt like I'd pigeonholed what I could post on either of them because of how specific the blog names were (Useless Ramblings was one and Emma Wears was the other).

I debated just starting a new blog and leaving the old ones where they were, but when I really thought about it I realised that I didn't want to be occupying that much space on the internet, and I liked the idea of just incorporating all my old posts from both blogs into the new blog and just carrying on from there. So a new blog but without having to do another awkward first post introduction (even though it kinda feels like that's what I'm doing now!)

Initially I thought it was going to be really unnecessarily complicated and tedious trying to transfer posts from two blogs into a new one, but when I finally decided to sit down and look into it (which was today) I found that it was incredibly easy and quick, so I went for it. It took me a while to think of a name, but in the end I went for 'Pieces of Me' which I thought was appropriate because I can put absolutely anything I want on it. Even if it is the name of an Ashlee Simpson song.

Anyway, in a couple of weeks I'll be deleting the old blogs completely, but in the meantime please bear with me over here as I make a few tweaks and get it just how I want it. If you're interested, please do follow along with bloglovin' (or google friend connect, if it still exists - I'm never quite sure!)

I hope that everyone who celebrates had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year - here's to 2014!

Winter Warmers Wishlist

1. I love slippers, and these bunny ones from Next are adorable, I reeeeally want them!

2. I have a few scarves, but I've never bought a snood before. I love the colours in this one from Dorothy Perkins, and I think it would probably be more efficient than a scarf. Might be worth investing in one as it is definitely getting considerably colder!

3. I don't wear hats too often, but this festive one from New Look is really fun, I love novelty Christmas things!

4. So these H&M loafers aren't really winter warmers, but they are sparkly shoes. I doubt I'd ever wear them but still, they're pretty.

5. Another pair of slippers, again from Next. They would be so perfect for the festive season, especially for those days when you just want to stay cosied up in your pyjamas!

6. OK, I'm going to admit now that I don't get the whole onesie obsession that everyone seems to have at the moment. They just seem so incredibly impractical and are always too expensive for me to overlook that. But this monster onesie from Topshop is just so ridiculous and obnoxious that I really want it haha.

Blogging thoughts

So the last time I was here, it was July and we were experiencing the best summer we've had in years in the UK. Now, it's the middle of October and winter is fast approaching.

I don't know what happened to be honest. I just lost all motivation and inclination to blog anything. Also because I have another blog as well, I felt like I couldn't update one without the other. I think that I probably don't blog consistently (despite my good intentions) because I have two blogs and it's hard to be organised enough to keep on top of things with both of them.

I've been thinking about maybe starting a new blog which combines both of my original blogs together and then just deleting the old ones. The only trouble is, I'd want to import all (or at least most) of the posts from both blogs into the new one, and I don't think I'm tech-savvy enough to do that. Although I'm sure it can be done, I'll have to look into it. I just feel like I kind of want to start again (but without really starting again as I'd still have all my posts from both of these blogs, just in a brand new space, if that makes sense!) Anyway, these are just some thoughts I've been having, so stay tuned as I may be making some changes and moving to a different space of the internet, haha.

This outfit looks better in person than it does in pictures which is annoying because I actually really like it. Never mind, you can just take my word for it. Also, I'm wearing my new glasses (well they're not that new anymore but they haven't made an appearance here because I've been absent for so long!).

Jumper: Warehouse
Dress: New Look
Tights: H&M (I think)
Boots: ASOS

It's still sunny

It's been a while since I took outfit photos in this part of the garden, but I'm glad I did yesterday. I feel like they look kind of dreamy because of the haziness of the light. I couldn't use a couple of the photos though because the the way the sun was shining from behind me made my skirt seem see-through - you could just see the shadow of my legs and I didn't like it, so I picked the ones where it wasn't quite as bad!

I had a lovely delivery of some River Island sale items that I ordered last week, including this top which I love so much (because it's stripey, obviously). Although unfortunately while I was eating my dinner later on I managed to spill some sweet and sour chicken on it. I put it in the wash straight away but it hasn't completely disappeared but hopefully I'll be able to get it out.

Today I feel really poorly, I've got swollen glands and my throat really hurts, and I'll be off work today and tomorrow. I hate feeling ill when it's this sunny outside.

Hat: New Look
Top: River Island
Skirt: New Look
Sandals: New Look

Park Fun

I've had the DVD of the 30 Day Shred for a couple of weeks now. Last week I had a look at it and did a few bits but didn't really start it properly. Partly because of the heatwave we've been having, partly because I was at work a lot, and partly because I just wanted to get a sense of what I was getting myself into. Yesterday, I got up early(ish), and started Level 1 properly. Today, I can barely move without wincing in pain. I hurt in muscles I didn't even know I had. I wanted to do it again today but I physically wouldn't be able to lift the little weights up, and I definitely wouldn't be able to do a push-up. I'm glad I'm not in work today because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to carry any plates. I could barely lift the milk out of the fridge this morning. Oh well. No pain no gain.

Yesterday evening, Jack and I went on a lovely little walk, and I took my camera with me because it hasn't had a good excursion in a while. We ended up in a deserted park, which is always a good thing. Although, you know you're getting old when you start to feel sick on a swing.

Sorry for the photo overload, there were too many that I liked.

Song of the Day: San Francisco by The Mowgli's

Currently reading: The Loop. I'm nearly finished it though.

Pink & Green

Another post! I'm doing well this week.

About a week ago I had a clear-out of my wardrobe and put a lot of stuff in a charity bag. I nearly put this dress in it because I couldn't decide if I loved it or not, but I put it on today and I'm so glad I kept it. It's light and airy and pretty and completely perfect for summer. I also love that it's longer in the back than the front, I think it gives it a hint of elegance. 

I think I need a new hat though; this one's getting a bit tatty.

Hat: New Look
Dress: New Look
Flip-Flops: Accessorize

It's still really hot out, but it's actually a bit cloudy today, which is weird to look at because we've had blue skies for about a week now! Here's hoping it continues. Except when I'm at work where it seems hotter than the sun.

Two things that I think are important

Sometimes it's important to take a moment to stop and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. And I think I forget to do that a lot.

I also think it's really important to listen to If Ever I Stray by Frank Turner because it's fantastically uplifting and if I'm ever a bit miserable it always makes me feel better. And everyone needs one of those songs.

Summer daze

It's so hot. So, so hot. It should be easy to dress for the heat really because you don't need to wear as much, but I never know what I'm going to be the most comfortable in. This outfit was the second of the day, but is definitely a winner. I'm happy. But too hot. I'm so British.

At least summer is apparently going to be sticking around for a couple of weeks. Even if it rains all through August, we can still say we experienced some sun! 

In other news, I'm sad that Wimbledon's over, but didn't Andy Murray do well? What a trooper. I can't even imagine having that much pressure put on me year after year after year, but he managed to go and win the whole thing. Awesome.

Top: Matalan
Shorts: Peacocks
Flip-Flops: Accesorize

An update!

After an unexpected blog hiatus, I'm back! There's no particular reason as to why I haven't been posting, I've been busy-ish I guess, but not overwhelmingly so that I couldn't post anything at all. This blog is for fun though, and if I don't feel like posting something, I won't. Anyway, what have I been up to...I went to visit my friends Sophie and Joe and played lots of Mario Kart on the N64. Also, I turned 24! If I was my mother, I would say that I am now nearly a quarter of a century old, because my mum seems to enjoy making things sound ancient. However, I have just said that, so I suppose I am turning into my mum.

Anyway, the nice things about birthdays is that sometimes lovely people give you money to spend on whatever you want! So today I went to Topshop and bought a dress, then came home, put it on and photographed it immediately, because that's just how I roll.

I had actually seen this dress in white a while ago and quite liked it but something was putting me off so I didn't buy it. Today I saw it in this lovely blue colour and loved it so I'm glad I didn't but the white one. It's amazing what difference a colour can make in deciding whether or not to buy something!

The sandals are new too. These are my first ever pair of gladiator sandals, believe it or not. I know they've been around for years but I've just never gotten around to getting a pair, I tend to just end up wearing flip-flops. These will be a good investment though I think as they are much more durable than flip-flops, plus I can drive in them (ever tried driving in flip-flops? Don't!).

Hairband: New Look
Dress: Topshop
Sandals: New Look

Sorry for my pasty legs by the way. We haven't had enough consistent sun for me to get any colour on them, and I'm not really a fake-tan kind of person!

OK, finally, Google Friend Connect is disappearing in a couple of weeks so pretty please with a cherry on top go and follow my blog on Bloglovin' here. If you want to. No pressure :)

A quick thought about time

So I managed to miss the entire month of May on this blog of mine and I'm not quite sure how it happened. Time just sort of slips away sometimes; one minute you're taking down the Christmas decorations and the next, it's the day before your birthday. In June. Halfway through the year. 

I don't know why it is that time seems to go faster when you're older. As a kid, time used to pass so slowly, especially when you were looking forward to something. Now I feel like the years are speeding up, and that's a scary thought.

Nevertheless, the sun is shining, the birds are singing (and I'm not trying to be poetic, they actually are), and I would like to go outside but there's a fox currently strutting around my garden like he owns the place, so I think I'll wait until he's buggered off.

Song of the Day: Everything's Not Lost by Coldplay. Just because it's a good'un.

Currently reading: The Loop by Nicholas Evans. It's refreshing to read something well written, which I haven't done in a while.

Signs of Spring

Everytime I think I'm getting back on track with this blog I end up not posting for weeks and then feeling horribly guilty. This is supposed to be fun, damnit. 

Anyway, some of the trees and flowers in the garden are finally blossoming, so that's pretty to see. There's a few daisies growing on the lawn as well, serving as a nice reminder that it needs a good mow. I wonder if I can talk my boyfriend into doing it for me, I don't get on very well with the lawn-mower...

Photos! I feel like I haven't had photos on this blog in ages. Enjoy.

Song of the Day: No Reply At All by Genesis, just because I heard it yesterday for the first time in ages.

Currently reading: Nothing, I'm being a massive reading slacker at the moment :(
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