Easter things

So. We had Easter, which was nice. 

Someone knocked Jack's wing-mirror off his car when it was parked outside my house on Good Friday, which wasn't so nice.

And also my mum left the back door open for a few hours to 'let some fresh air in', and later that evening she discovered a frog squatting in the corner, unable to get back out as the door had since been shut. So we set it free and I think we all learned a valuable lesson about doors, and how creatures can get inside if they're left open unattended.

Jack and I went for a bank holiday walk on Monday and as the park was utterly deserted we decided to go on the swings for a bit, and it did not take long for us to start to feel sick. I think that's when you know you're not a child anymore, when you can't even go on the swings without feeling queasy. It's a bit depressing really.

All in all, a nice few days. Food and family. Win-win.

Song of the Day: You by Coasts (We're starting to pick up speed/ Scattered across the sky/ 'Cause you make me feel/ Like I'm holding on to something real)

What can I say?

Another day, another city rocked with terrorist attacks. In the wake of what's happened in Turkey recently, and now Brussels as well, there comes a point when you just don't know what to say anymore. It's easier to just not watch the news or listen to the radio. But then you forget that there's literally always something happening somewhere.

I was going to write about something else today, but I've completely lost my train of thought. Derailed. 

So on an entirely unrelated note, go and watch the history of Japan video on YouTube. I've watched it so many times in the last week that it's starting to get embarrassing.

Song of the Day: Float On by Modest Mouse (Alright already, we'll all float on/ Okay, don't worry we'll all float on/ Even if things get heavy, we'll all float on, alright)

Wish You Were Here

Have you ever really loved a song but then forgotten that it existed? And then you rediscover it years later and it's like, "Ah, yes, I remember you," and you can't quite remember why you ever stopped listening to it in the first place. I love it when that happens; it's like hearing songs for the first time again. This is my latest rediscovery. 

Incubus, man. What a great band. Terrible music video though.

Currently reading: Still all the things I was reading last time (don't judge me), but last week I did read All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and I couldn't stop thinking about it for days. I was in bits about it. 10/10 would recommend (fair warning - it's incredibly upsetting)

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