See ya later, snow

Last week was a complete write-off. Don't get me wrong, I love it when it snows, but I actually don't own any snow appropriate shoes, and at the moment I don't even have a proper waterproof jacket. So obviously, going outside wasn't really on my agenda, unless absolutely necessary.

However, we've had a lot of rain over the weekend and the snow has pretty much all thawed (apart from the dirty big piles of it people shoveled off their driveways - yuck), and I popped outside this morning before the rain that's been forecast had a chance to set in.  

This is one of the dresses I picked up with my Christmas money. It's really light-weight, which is why I layered it with a t-shirt underneath (not that you can really see it here). I like that I can still wear summer dresses in the winter, I like to wear what I want whenever I want. Obviously, thick tights are a must though!

Cardigan: Tu at Sainsburys
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: New Look
Tights: H&M
Boots: Dorothy Perkins

Real snow!

So the snow well and truly arrived, and I have discovered two things. First, that driving in snow and ice is terrifying. Second, icicles are really cool.

I couldn't really get outside to enjoy any of the snow until yesterday because of work, and when I went into the garden to take photos I didn't want to disturb too much of the snow because it looked so pretty, so I just stayed on the patio. Also I don't like to stay out too long because my feet get incredibly cold, no matter how many pairs of socks I put on!

But here you go, photos of the snow, because what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't blog about the snow?

Now it's stopped snowing, but everytime the wind blows some snow off the trees it fools me into thinking it's started again. 

Song of the Day: 1957 by Milo Greene

Currently reading: An Abundance of Katherines. It's not as good as the other John Green books I've read, I'm not reading it as compulsively as I want to be. Oh well.

Winter's back

I was going to show off one of my new dresses in this outfit post, but in case you hadn't noticed, it's absolutely freezing, and when it's this cold it's definitely not a time for dresses. It's a time for cozy knits and comfort.

It's my favourite kind of jumper - a stripey one! When I saw this in Debenhams I fell in love and was just hoping it wasn't one of those really itchy jumpers. Luckily it wasn't and I had to have it.

Also, these are the jeans that my mum bought for herself and then decided she didn't like them on her. I, on the other hand, loved them. They are the most comfy jeans I have ever worn, they go with everything, and they're super flattering. Win.

Jumper: Red Herring @ Debenhams
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: Marks and Spencers
Boots: New Look

Snow Day!

...or not.

I was so excited when it started snowing last night on my drive home from work. Of course when I woke up in the morning it was pouring down with rain and now all the snow is pretty much gone. Never mind, hopefully we'll see some more. I really want to go sledging and make a snowman.

I suppose it's a good thing that the snow's been washed away, as we're having a belated Christmas staff-do tonight, we're going bowling and then for some food. I'm driving, and being responsible for 3 lives whilst driving in the snow didn't appeal too much!

Anyway, that's all my news.

Song of the Day: Round and Round by Imagine Dragons

Currently reading: An Abundance of Katherines

Comfy Cosy

On Tuesday I did a spot of sale shopping, and managed to pick up a few gems, like the cardigan in this outfit.

Granted, it's a touch too big, but I saw it in Miss Selfridge before Christmas and really wanted it but couldn't justify spending £40 on myself so close to Christmas. I looked online for it to see if it was in the sale but it was no longer on their website at all. When I saw it in the actual shop, it was the only one left and it was a size 10 when really I could have done with an 8. But it was reduced to £20 and I couldn't say no, it is the prettiest cardigan I have ever seen in my life. Plus it's super comfy, always a bonus.

The boots are also new, although they weren't in the sale. They are from Next though and luckily I was given £30 worth of Next gift cards for Christmas, so luckily only had to spend a tenner of my own money on these beauties. I also picked up a couple of new dresses, I came home a very happy camper!

Cardigan: Miss Selfridge
Top: New Look
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Next

Kind of resolutions

I've decided that for me, resolutions are a bad idea. I never ever ever ever stick to them, no matter how good my intentions are, and how determined I am to start off with. This year, I'm just giving myself a vague list; I don't want to get bogged down in anything too specific (like 'I will read 30 books in 2012' - remember that?).

  • Eat better - by this I mainly mean that I want to make more things from scratch, and make sure I eat enough fruit and veg. I'm not an incredibly unhealthy eater anyway, but I do want to push myself to make the time to cook better meals. It's fun, too.
  • Be more crafty - my brother and his girlfriend got me a jewellery making sort of start up kit with loads of beads and stuff so I'm excited to see what I can do with that, and I do want to try and do more crafty type things as well.
  • Find a form of exercise that suits me - I'm terrible when it comes to exercise. I hate gyms, which probably doesn't help. I'd want something I could do on my own, group exercise type things are just not for me, so that's definitely something I'm looking into this year.
And I think that'll do me. Less is more. And at least this way I can fail at less things, haha! I was going to include 'read more' or something, but since getting my Kindle Fire I don't think that will be a problem. So far I've read The Fault In Out Stars by John Green, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. Granted, none are particularly difficult reads, but still. I'm pleased.

Song of the Day: Curtain Call by Aiden Grimshaw

Currently reading: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Favourites from 2012

Sorry for kind of disappearing over Christmas, I had work and family stuff and it was nice to just focus on the festive season rather than worrying about blogs. But hi! Happy New Year! I'm back!

To see in 2013 I thought I'd just share my favourite outfits featured on the blog from last year. I didn't do as many of these as I thought I would, but then again that just makes it easier to pick out favourites!

So that's 2012. I'm already looking forward to more outfits this year, I've got more chunky knits that I want to make the most of while it's still winter, plus I now have the most perfect black jeans thanks to my mum buying them and then deciding they weren't for her.

See you next time!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! And obviously I hope you all had very merry Christmases. As soon as people started coming home (my brother and my parents), I quickly lost the inclination to blog, because anytime I wasn't working (which wasn't that often - Christmas is a busy time in the restaurant trade!) I just wanted to spend with my family and friends. And despite working so much, I still managed to have a fantastic Christmas. Here's some of my festive highlights:

  • Listening to Christmas music whilst putting up the Christmas decorations with my brother and his girlfriend.
  • Having my parents home to cook for me again, haha!
  • Going to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham with Jack and going to watch The Hobbit at the IMAX while we were there.
  • My Nan getting out of hospital on Christmas Eve, just in time to come with my Grandad to spend Christmas with my parents and I.
  • Only having one or two grumpy customers in the pub on Christmas Day.
  • A delicious Christmas dinner which my parents had prepared for when I would get back from work (which ended up being about 6.30) - thanks very much for waiting for me!
  • Getting a furby(!) and a Kindle Fire from my parents.
  • Being absolutely spoilt rotten by Jack.
  • Watching Arthur Christmas on Boxing Day, then going round to Jack's, meeting a lot of his family (eep!) and playing Trivial Pursuit.
  • Shopping with my mum on New Years Eve and having a quiet night in to ring in the new year.
  • A nice walk on New Years Day with Jack during which we nearly got ran down by a tiny child on a bike which had no pedals.
I haven't been in work since Sunday but I'm now on my last day off before I head back to normality tomorrow. My dad left early on New Years Eve and my mum left this morning, and the Christmas decorations came down yesterday so the house is feeling very quiet and bare at the moment. I think I'll have severe post-Christmas blues next week.

Anyway, everything should return to normal on the blogging front now. Maybe I'll try and think up some New Years resolutions so that I can fail miserably at them.

Christmas Song of the Day: I know it's not Christmas anymore but I missed a whole bunch of these and I wanted to include my favourite festive song. I Believe In Father Christmas by Greg Lake

Currently reading: Since getting my Kindle Fire I've read 3 books but I finished one last night so I'm currently between books.
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