Happy Leap Day!

It’s Leap Day! How exciting. It’s apparently the only day that it’s acceptable for a woman to propose to her boyfriend. Why is that? Who invented that idea? Girls, if you want to propose, do it any day you want. More power to you. I won’t be proposing today (Sorry Daf, I know you’ll be gutted about that).

Lately I’ve been really tempted to get a Paint by Numbers kit. I love arty-crafty things but I’ve always been held back by my complete lack of artistic talent. I’m incredibly jealous of people who are really good at drawing and painting, and although I sometimes get the urge to just paint something, I never do because I know I’ll end up disappointed and frustrated. Plus I don’t have any paint. But I’ve been looking on Amazon at their supply of Paint by Numbers kits, and I really want one. But is that cheating? Probably…I kind of don’t care though. I just want to paint something that I can stick on my wall and pretend to people that it is all my own work. Is that so wrong?

I will most likely do a terrible job. If you never hear anything about this ever again, it will be safe to assume that I am a massive failure at art.

Song of the Day: Dosed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Currently reading: The Hobbit (it's awesome)

DIY gift tags

Mondays always feel like Saturdays to me because I work weekends, so I've had a nice relaxing day, spending the morning in town doing a bit of shopping and the afternoon making Christmas gift tags out of the Christmas cards we got sent in 2011. I meant to do it as soon as we took the cards down, but I put them in my old room which I hardly ever go into, and I forgot about them. Until today.

Sure, they're a bit wonky (apparently I can't cut straight even if I have a line to follow), and some of them are odd sizes, but I like them. They're rustic. Now all I need to do is find a hole-punch and some string, and I'm all sorted in the Christmas gift-tag department.

I spent a bit of time sorting out the layout of my blog yesterday. I added picture links to my Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter accounts and put them on the right sidebar. My Twitter account is brand new because I deleted my old one a while ago as I never really used it and found it a bit overwhelming, but I'm giving it another go. If anyone's interested in following that, feel free! I'm super interesting!

Finally, I've discovered the webcam on my laptop, which might possibly make me really vain, or just make me start to really hate my face. I'm not sure which one yet.

Hello from my webcam

I think that's all for today then folks. I will be back soon. Probably. Maybe.

Song of the Day: Hey Ya by Obadiah Parker (originally by OutKast)

To Lent or not to Lent

I hope everyone enjoyed Pancake Day. I most certainly did, Daf makes awesome pancakes. Except for the first one, for some reason the first pancake always becomes incredibly mangled. It still tastes great, but it just looks a bit pathetic. I have my pancakes properly, with lemon juice and sugar. None of these maple syrup and bacon concoctions.

Anyway, Lent officially starts today, and I can't decide whether or not to give something up. I don't usually, and everytime I have in the past I always fail miserably. My willpower isn't that great. Whenever I've given it a go, I've attempted to give up chocolate, but after about a week I've been like, "I haven't had any chocolate in so long, I am going to reward myself with this 6-pack box of Creme Eggs". I don't think I've ever lasted the whole 40 days. Not even once.

So I've been trying to think of something I do a lot of that I could give up. The only thing I could really think of was giving up drinking tea, because that would be really hard. I really love tea. Then I remembered that I had a cup of tea this morning, but I suppose I could just start it from now. But then I'd probably just start replacing tea with coffee and hot chocolate. I suppose I could just cut out all hot drinks, but I really don't want to do that. It's painful just to think about it.

I guess I won't be doing Lent this year.

Song of the Day: Lucky Day by Nicola Roberts

Oh, and also, watch this video called Shit University Students Say. So accurate.


So February kind of crept up on me and I lost my blogging focus for a while, but I've been to Barmouth and I have some photos, so at least I have something to put on this little space of the internet for today.

Barmouth was awesome. Daf's sister and little nephew were there as well, so we got to play with cars and do some colouring in and puzzles, which is always fun. We also played with stickers, which basically consisted of putting stickers all over your hands, then put them back in the sticker book. It's all good fun. Also, Daf's mum sent us back to Wolverhampton with a cake, so that was a bonus.

I'll be back soon, and who knows, I might actually write something!

Song of the Day: Love Love by Take That
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