Hi! I'm Emma! I'm 25 and I love tea, hats, and making cookies. This is my blog Pieces of Me. 

Pieces of Me is an amalgamation of two previous blogs I had, one which was called Useless Ramblings, and the other Emma Wears. The hassle of trying to organise two separate blogs became too much and I gradually stopped posting on either of them altogether. However I missed blogging, and wanted to make a new one but not lose all my old content from either blog. So, I transferred all the old posts from both blogs into this brand new one, and then just carried on from there, this time being able to blog about whatever I wanted, under a blog name that didn't pigeon-hole me into writing about anything in particular. 

If you're new here, this post is a great place to start.

On this blog, you're most likely to see personal style posts, lots of photos, and probably a lot about what music I'm listening too. I'm really obnoxious about my music taste, in that I think I have the best taste in the world. 

So join me on my never-ending journey to figuring out life. It'll be fun!

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