Happy Leap Day!

It’s Leap Day! How exciting. It’s apparently the only day that it’s acceptable for a woman to propose to her boyfriend. Why is that? Who invented that idea? Girls, if you want to propose, do it any day you want. More power to you. I won’t be proposing today (Sorry Daf, I know you’ll be gutted about that).

Lately I’ve been really tempted to get a Paint by Numbers kit. I love arty-crafty things but I’ve always been held back by my complete lack of artistic talent. I’m incredibly jealous of people who are really good at drawing and painting, and although I sometimes get the urge to just paint something, I never do because I know I’ll end up disappointed and frustrated. Plus I don’t have any paint. But I’ve been looking on Amazon at their supply of Paint by Numbers kits, and I really want one. But is that cheating? Probably…I kind of don’t care though. I just want to paint something that I can stick on my wall and pretend to people that it is all my own work. Is that so wrong?

I will most likely do a terrible job. If you never hear anything about this ever again, it will be safe to assume that I am a massive failure at art.

Song of the Day: Dosed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Currently reading: The Hobbit (it's awesome)

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  1. You get your paint by numbers set Emma! It still takes time and effort to do them so I reckon you're well within your rights to stick it up on the wall and be proud :)


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