I am still bad at reading

I still haven't finished The Hobbit. The problem is I've only been reading a chapter or so before I go to sleep, and not every night, so whilst I am technically close to finishing, I'm not getting very far by rarely picking it up. Come on Emma, sort it out.

Daf and I went to see The Hunger Games yesterday, I'd really recommend it, it's so good. Probably one of the best book-to-movie adaptations I've ever seen, whilst at the same time not being confusing for anyone who hasn't read the book. (Although if you haven't read the books you totally should).

I've got a little photography challenge in the pipeline for April which I'm pretty excited about, plus that would mean that I would blog everyday in April. Anyway, I'll say more about that when I've finalised everything about it.

Song of the Day: Broadfields by Young Guns

Currently reading: The Hobbit

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