Hair news! (how exciting)

I finally got myself down to the hairdresser's today. I last got it cut in January, so it's a long overdue haircut and I feel much better for it.

These are my 'before' photos. I actually really love how my hair looked. It's got a really nice natural wave and I do like having it this long. It felt horrendous though. And I don't really use heat on my hair. I haven't straightened it at all this year and have only curled it twice. I honestly think the reason it felt so dry and was breaking so much was because of my hairbrush, as I bought that at a similar time to my last haircut. So I've now got a tangle teaser, as recommended by my hairdresser (and on sale too!).

And here's 'after'. I've still got length and shape (despite having a good 3 inches chopped off) but it feels so much healthier. Plus I bet you a tenner that my boyfriend doesn't even notice a difference.

In other news, I'm having a real Blink-182 binge at the moment. I've been listening to their self-titled album on repeat, and feeling ancient because I remember it coming out when I was 14 and that was 11 years ago. How time flies.

Song of the Day: When I Was Young by Blink-182

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  1. Love your hair... the waves are fabulous. I also think your outfit is darling for summer, florals are so great and so is the colour mint!



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