I hope nobody forgot about Pancake Day yesterday. I nearly did, but Jack text me on Monday night to remind me (we take pancakes very seriously around here). It wasn't even on my calendar though, can you believe that? Ash Wednesday was noted down, but no Pancake Day. It didn't even say Shrove Tuesday. I was outraged; how else am I supposed to remember?

But anyway, the crisis was averted because at least Jack was on the ball, and yesterday he sent a text from work checking that we had everything we needed topping wise, and we had the following exchange:

He showed up with one of those squeezy ready made lemon juice things anyway, and when I held it up at him and raised my eyebrows he just shot me a look and said, "Just in case." Pretty sure he thinks I'm some sort of lemon nazi now. I was right though - we only used one.

The long and short of it though, is that I really, really love pancakes. So much so that I might make them again this weekend. (Although when I say "I", what I mean is that I will make Jack make them for me - he's the resident pancake maker. I squeeze the lemons and offer moral support. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.)

Song of the Day: Like Kids by Suede (Oh, we hold it all in our fist/ Like kids, like savages/ And we'll run in the playground/ If you'll just stay with me)

Currently reading: Still The Ship of Magic but I accidentally stalled on it because I forgot to charge my kindle so started re-reading Harry Potter from the beginning so I'm trying to read both. It's not going well.

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