Easter things

So. We had Easter, which was nice. 

Someone knocked Jack's wing-mirror off his car when it was parked outside my house on Good Friday, which wasn't so nice.

And also my mum left the back door open for a few hours to 'let some fresh air in', and later that evening she discovered a frog squatting in the corner, unable to get back out as the door had since been shut. So we set it free and I think we all learned a valuable lesson about doors, and how creatures can get inside if they're left open unattended.

Jack and I went for a bank holiday walk on Monday and as the park was utterly deserted we decided to go on the swings for a bit, and it did not take long for us to start to feel sick. I think that's when you know you're not a child anymore, when you can't even go on the swings without feeling queasy. It's a bit depressing really.

All in all, a nice few days. Food and family. Win-win.

Song of the Day: You by Coasts (We're starting to pick up speed/ Scattered across the sky/ 'Cause you make me feel/ Like I'm holding on to something real)

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