Big Brother

Hello. Remember me?

It's been a while, I know. I didn't really want to write anything when the riots were going on because it made me angry. Cher Lloyd got to number one, but that made me really angry too. What is the world coming to?

A brand new series of Big Brother starts tonight at its new home on Channel 5. When it had its big finale last year, I knew another channel would pick it up at some point, but I didn't think it would be back on our screens a year later. It's like it never went away really. I was never a huge Big Brother watcher, there was only one or two series that I properly got into. Anyway, I'm going to share my top 5 Big Brother moments, you lucky things.

In no particular order...

BB7's Nikki Grahame's infamous "Who is she?!" rant in the diary room. Nikki was the best ever. Incredibly irritating but so so funny.

Alex Sibley from BB3 hiding behind the door then miming along to That's The Way I Like It. Brilliant.

My next one is from BB7 again but I cannot find a video for it anywhere and it's really annoying me because it's amazing. It's the bit when Glyn is singing his song about cooking an egg for the very first time. There's loads of remixes on YouTube but I want the actual clip and I can't find it. Never mind, moving on.

OK, the internet is failing me and I can't find videos for anything, so here's just a generic 'best bits' one for you, if you feel like being nostalgic about Big Brother.

I feel really let down by YouTube.

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