No, I do not know the history of everything

Before work yesterday (which I accidentally managed to show up half an hour early for) I was watching The Chase, which is a quiz show where people compete against really clever quiz... people (or whatever the correct term is). One of the contestants was a History student, and he got a question about Elizabeth I wrong, and afterwards the Chaser said, "I'm surprised you got the history question wrong" to which the student replied, "Well I specialise in Russian History." But the Chaser didn't look impressed.

I can totally relate to this. Because I have a History degree, everyone expects me to know the history of absolutely everything ever. What they fail to realise is that actually I only know the stuff I have actually studied, and that History is a pretty broad subject. If I'm playing Trivial Pursuit or something and get a History question wrong, everyone tuts at me and tells me I should have got it right, even if it's something obscure like "What was the name of Henry II's cat?" (By the way, I don't know if Henry II had a cat so please don't ask me about it). It's really irritating.

Anyway, it's starting to get colder, and it's getting darker earlier so autumn/winter is rapidly approaching. There's been a lot of squirrel activity in the garden which is funny because Daf thinks squirrels are hilarious and he keeps giggling like a five year old every time he sees them prancing around.

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