Don't worry, I'm still here

November was going to be the month where I got out of my blogging drought and started posting things more regularly again. As you can see, that didn't really happen. I did start writing something just over a week ago, but then I didn't know how to finish it, hopefully I'll get round to doing that at some point.

Anyway, I've been busy planning Christmas things, shopping, baking, and having girly times with Soph. We went to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 which was hilariously awful, but we knew it would be. 

I'm now getting super pumped for Christmas. I have an advent calendar waiting patiently to be opened, and I think I'm probably going to put up the decorations soon, maybe on Thursday or Friday. I'm sure my mum would say that's too early, but she isn't in the country and is powerless to stop me. Sorry mum! Also, I may have purchased my very own Christmas jumper. I saw Karen Gillan wearing an amazing one on the BBC Christmas advert and I tracked it down on It was initially too expensive but I looked again the next day and it had been considerably reduced, so I bought it. I have absolutely no regrets.

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  1. What is David Jason in on the BBC, Only Fools and Horses reunion show? And the guys off Masterchef seem to be in that far too much.


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