I've got issues

Sometimes I really think I shouldn't be a waitress because I hate people. Well, not all people, but some at least. I hate the people that don't make eye contact with me when I'm taking their order, it's so rude. I hate the people who tell me their meals are fine when I go and check on them, and then complain about them when they come and pay - you've eaten it now, there is nothing I can do. And I hate, I hate, I HATE the people who sit on a dirty table that I am literally on my way to clean. This has been happening a lot lately and it's especially annoying because every time, the pub has not been overly busy and there has been several clean tables for them to choose from. I don't understand why you would choose a sticky table covered in crumbs, with glasses on it and an empty cutlery pot, over a nicely wiped table with no glasses on it and a brand new cutlery pot. It really takes the piss when someone who has sat on this dirty table comes over to you, looks at you as if they think you are completely incompetent and says, "Er, excuse me but could someone please come and wipe our table? It's really dirty." The urge to punch people is so high when I'm at work.

I love a good rant, I feel better now. Daf thinks I have rage issues because of my 'irrational hatred' of certain people (for example, Bear Grylls). I don't think my hatred of Bear Grylls is irrational at all. He has all his survivor shows and whatever, which is fine, but it's just the way he goes about it. He starts every single show in a helicopter, shouting to make himself heard over the propellers. Why can't he just wait until he's landed to tell us what the show is going to be about? And then he runs around the desert or a forest or the mountains or wherever he is surviving this week, eating disgusting things and drinking his own urine and getting too close to bears and whispering to his camera, "There's a bear right over there". Well I can see that; get away from the bear you idiot. Daf says that his show has probably helped save some lives of people getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, but has it really? If anyone was doing research ahead of going into some kind of dangerous wilderness, like the North Pole or something, I doubt they'd just be watching loads of Bear Grylls.

I guess my point is that Bear Grylls is really irritating and I so do not have irrational anger issues.

Away from things I hate and onto something I love which is the song Lego House by Ed Sheeran. I love the video for it (mostly because Rupert Grint is in it), it's so weird and creepy, but I like it.

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