Happy Birthday, blog

Today is the first birthday of my blog. And to celebrate, I'm going bowling later. (Although to be honest, it's more of a coincidence that I'm going bowling on my blog's birthday - my blog can't come with me). I haven't been bowling for about five years or something so I'm excited. However I can get ridiculously competitive sometimes and can see myself sulking if it turns out that I suck at bowling and I lose.

It's going to be great.

I've added a new page in the sidebar bit over on the right somewhere which will keep you updated on my 30 books target, if by any chance you're interested in my progress. So far I've read the whole Hunger Games trilogy, so that's 3 books done so far. I think I'm on track. Daf's currently reading The Lord of the Rings and has been giving me condescending looks because he's reading an 'intellectual' book whilst the font in my book is apparently too large to be considered anything other than a children's book.

Here's a photo of some of my 30 books. I don't actually have all 30 at the moment, I think my parents have some of them in Saudi.

I hope you're impressed that I've managed to write a blog post more than two sentences long. Also, I'm bringing back song of the day.

Song of the Day: 1996 by The Wombats

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