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For anyone who wanted to know how my bowling trip went, out of 3 games I came last twice and 3rd (out of 4) once. I suck at bowling. And I am not the most gracious of losers. To add insult to injury I was also designated driver so I was sat there sipping on my coke while Daf, Jack and Al knocked back pitchers of Coors Light. Ah well, it's all good fun. And our staff do is on Tuesday and we're going bowling, funnily enough, so at least I've had some practice.

I have recently discovered How It Should Have Ended on YouTube, where they do animated alternate endings of popular movies. The one for how X-Men: First Class should have ended is a personal favourite, with honourable mention going to Harry Potter

Oh, and I've also started watching the American version of The Office on Netflix, and I love it so much, I think Dwight might be my favourite fictional character ever. Largely because of this face:

Song of the Day: Better Half by Frank Turner
There must be a better half somewhere out there/She lives a better life, a life that she shares/Shares with a better man, a man who is there when she calls in the night/Who says "Hey, it's alright"

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