Pink & Green

Another post! I'm doing well this week.

About a week ago I had a clear-out of my wardrobe and put a lot of stuff in a charity bag. I nearly put this dress in it because I couldn't decide if I loved it or not, but I put it on today and I'm so glad I kept it. It's light and airy and pretty and completely perfect for summer. I also love that it's longer in the back than the front, I think it gives it a hint of elegance. 

I think I need a new hat though; this one's getting a bit tatty.

Hat: New Look
Dress: New Look
Flip-Flops: Accessorize

It's still really hot out, but it's actually a bit cloudy today, which is weird to look at because we've had blue skies for about a week now! Here's hoping it continues. Except when I'm at work where it seems hotter than the sun.

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