Summer daze

It's so hot. So, so hot. It should be easy to dress for the heat really because you don't need to wear as much, but I never know what I'm going to be the most comfortable in. This outfit was the second of the day, but is definitely a winner. I'm happy. But too hot. I'm so British.

At least summer is apparently going to be sticking around for a couple of weeks. Even if it rains all through August, we can still say we experienced some sun! 

In other news, I'm sad that Wimbledon's over, but didn't Andy Murray do well? What a trooper. I can't even imagine having that much pressure put on me year after year after year, but he managed to go and win the whole thing. Awesome.

Top: Matalan
Shorts: Peacocks
Flip-Flops: Accesorize

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