A Musical Recommendation

When I was in high-school, I would pretty much just exclusively listen to punk rock/pop music. Basically a lot of Blink-182, New Found Glory, Sum-41, Bowling for Soup...you get the gist. As this was my favourite kind of music, I tended to dismiss anything different straight away without really giving it a chance.

These days, thankfully, I've evolved. My iTunes library ranges from ABBA to Eminem to Paramore and everything in between (with several soundtracks from musicals thrown in for good measure). I still love the bands I listened to when I was 15, and it's funny that when I hear those songs now it takes me straight back to that age. I like to get nostalgic sometimes. 

I listen to electro-pop sort of stuff a lot more now. I'm really enjoying CHVRCHES and Chlöe Howl (I've just googled her and she was born in 1995 - boy do I feel ancient!) at the moment, and basically anything with a good beat. But I think if I had to pick just one type of music to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be indie-rock, because it's just so easy to listen to. And I think I've got a new favourite band.

I recently downloaded the Shout Out Louds album Optica from iTunes and I cannot stress enough how good it is. A lot of the time I don't listen to a whole album in one sitting; I tend to make a playlist and listen to it on random. But this is one of those rare albums that I actually like all the songs on it.

Particularly this one:


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