Things for my imaginary house part 2

A British winner won the euromillions jackpot last night, and I'm really hoping it was me and Jack because honestly, 108 million pounds would really come in handy. I've just got to wait for Jack to come home from work and check his numbers. Fingers crossed (because that always works!).

I think if I was to win the lottery (it's bound to happen someday - the odds are definitely in my favour!), the first thing I'd want to buy is a house. I'd love to have my own house to decorate however I wanted; a place that I could really call my own. I've been bookmarking a few pieces of wall art that I would potentially want on my walls one day.

I love this Alice in Wonderland print via Not on the High Street. Plus it's true!

I love the Back to the Future films, so obviously I love this print by Wasted Rita. I just think it's nice and subtle, and it's pretty cool.

Gemma Correll makes great, funny art and I love this print, it works so well as a clock. 

Finally, because I'm a massive nerd, this trio of Star Wars posters by Etsy seller timeanderson310. I think they're awesome.

You can see part one of Things for my imaginary house here.

Song of the Day: Going Away To College by Blink-182

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