Deactivating Facebook

I've decided to deactivate my Facebook for a while because basically it infuriates me and some of the things I see on there make me really angry and I don't really want to be faced with that kind of negativity everytime I go online. So I'm taking a break, for my own peace of mind.

So on this cloudy day, while I'm not in the best mood, I'm posting photos from a few weeks ago when it was beautifully sunny and I had a really relaxing day. 

I finished all of my first assignment for my writing course today which I'm really pleased about. I'm going to leave it a couple of days and then I'll read over them, make sure I'm completely happy before I send them off. Exciting!

Jeans: Next
Shoes: New Look

Song of the Day: Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder

1 comment:

  1. I never read FB. It's easier to just skim pics and post lots of smiles. LOL
    Best of luck with your writing. :)


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