The internet is a glorious place. And here's some links to prove it.

I love this adorable song and video from Metro Trains Melbourne. I saw a clip of it on Rude(ish) Tube and had to hunt it down to watch the whole thing. So, so cute.

Game of Thrones related comic by SeeMikeDraw. And while you're there, you may as well look through his other comics, they're super funny.

Wanna see some adorable photos of animals with stuffed animals? Of course you do.

Also, funny test answers from smart-ass kids.

Here's some animals being publicly shamed for doing naughty things. Number 7 is my favourite.

Finally, another video. Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd lip sync battle on the Tonight Show.

Aaaaand I think that'll do.

Song of the Day: Get a Taste by Sprung Monkey

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