Rainy rain

It's raining. And according to the weather report, it'll be raining for the next few days off and on. Which is a pain, because I go on holiday to Turkey at the end of next week and it would be quite nice to not be blindingly pale when I get there.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 comes out on the day we fly, so we'll have to wait until we're back to go and see it. Nevertheless, I'm super excited to watch it. A bit sad as well, because it is the last one, but it does look pretty epic. And the critics actually like it apparently, which never happens. So it'll probably be shit now. (Only joking - well, I hope so).

My parents are having the dining room re-decorated at the moment. The wallpaper is all up, so there's just the new carpet to be fitted tomorrow, and then we have the joyous task of moving all the furniture back in. I currently have dining room chairs in my bedroom. I'm a bit miffed because my Mum didn't listen to any of my suggestions on the colour scheme. She didn't like the idea of purple and gold, and Wolves colours were a definite no-no. I can't understand why she wasn't more open to the idea.

Orange and black, very soothing tones.

Speaking of re-decorating, I was watching Homes Under the Hammer this morning, and my favourite part is naturally when they go back and see what people have done with the houses, flats or plots that they have purchased at the auction. However, in today's episode, there was a garage or something on a plot that had planning permission to build a 3-bedroom house on it, but when the camera crew returned to see the progress, the man who'd bought it had decided not to build the house because of the current market and had re-sold the land instead, so all that had happened was the garage (or whatever it was) had been demolished. I was peeved, to say the least. I hate it when they go back and nothing has happened, I don't think they should include lots like that on the program because it's really irritating to the viewer (i.e. me). In fact, I might write a letter to the BBC and complain. Except I won't really. But it is annoying.

Song of the Day: Every You Every Me by Placebo
All alone in space in time/There's nothing here, but what here's mine/Something borrowed, something blue/Every me and every you

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