A good day :)

So yesterday was full of surprises. Well, it was full of one surprise at least. The lovely Suzy from Eeep I'm A Blogger recommended my blog along with a bunch of other blogs! It made me feel super awesome, so a big thank you to Suzy (whose blog you should be reading, by the way). 

In other news, I've temporarily stopped reading A Clockwork Orange and moved onto On The Road by Jack Kerouac because A Clockwork Orange is incredibly difficult to read, despite not being very long. As I'm very behind schedule with my book challenge, I don't want to spend too long on one book when there are others that I can get through much quicker.

And in even MORE news, remember that time when I failed my 30 day photo challenge? Well I've done another photo for it, because I am determined to finish even though my 30 days are well and truly over.

Twirly dresses are the best.

Song of the Day: Blood by The Middle East. If you only do one thing today, listen to this song. It makes me feel a little bit sad but also incredibly hopeful at the same time. If you've seen the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love you'll probably recognise it from the end of that. I've been playing it on repeat.

Currently reading: On The Road by Jack Kerouac


  1. Yaaaaaay! Also - On The Road... not that easy to read ha. I didn't think so anyway but I'm an impatient reader haha.

    1. Maybe it's because I switched straight from A Clockwork Orange that I'm finding it easier in comparison haha, I couldn't handle it!


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