A lazy outfit post

If you live in the UK, you'll probably have noticed that it's still raining. Therefore, I haven't been outside all day. And because we've been having a lot of these days, an awful lot of my outfits have looked like this one:

Cardigan: Matalan
Top: New Look
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins

There's been variations on this outfit, of course, but the main components (as in jeans and a t-shirt) have remained the same, and I thought it would be a bit boring to photograph everyday. If the weather doesn't improve soon (which in all likelihood, it won't) I might recreate some of the outfits I've worn out recently but didn't get a chance to photograph, like what I wore on my birthday, for my Grandad's birthday meal, and even what I wore to the cinema yesterday was quite nice. Which reminds me, if you haven't seen it yet, go and watch The Amazing Spiderman. It's good. No offence to Tobey Maguire but Andrew Garfield makes a much better Spiderman.

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