Is this summer?

I can't believe it's July already. When January rolls around, you think the year is going to go so slowly, but before you know it you're over halfway through. My mum got back from Saudi last week, and this morning my dad also returned, and I can smell a Sunday lunch cooking as we speak. It's good to have them home.

Yesterday the Olympic Torch passed through my city, so my mum and I went into town early to avoid the road closures as we needed to do a little bit of shopping. After leaving M&S and heading back to Sainsbury's we got caught in a torrential downpour which left us soaked through, despite having an umbrella. As a result, I felt cold for the rest of the day, then had to go to work and missed the Andy Murray match at Wimbledon.

We watched the live feed of the Olympic Torch relay through the city. We decided not to venture down to see it in person for fear of being caught in another freak shower, and also crowds of people preventing us actually seeing anything! As soon as I stopped seeing places I recognised, I lost interest and went back to the tennis.

In other sporting news, I'm hoping that Italy win in the Euro 2012 final tonight - I got them in the sweepstakes at work so I'll win the money if they can beat Spain! Fingers crossed.

Song of the Day: Does He Love You? by Rilo Kiley

Currently reading: It. Longest book ever (or it feels that way).

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