I've been a very bad blogger

Oh hey, middle of August, when did you get here?

Sorry I disappeared for a while, please don't shout at me. I have been pretty busy but to be fair nothing that justifies an absence of this long! But anyway, I got my haircut today and figured I may as well make a return to this poor, neglected blog.

I bought this shirt yesterday and I loooove it. I also bought a couple of other bits that I am excited to showcase at some point. Although I do think it's worth mentioning that even though it's August and still technically summer, I have already purchased two items of knitwear. Bring on autumn/winter (my favourite seasons anyway!).

Shirt: H&M
Leggings: Dorothy Perkins

I cut off my feet in these photographs because I'm wearing socks with sheep on them over the bottom of my leggings and it is not a particularly blog-worthy look, I'm sure you'll agree!

I promise it won't be long until I post again this time!

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