What are we supposed to do now?

I've just been watching all the London 2012 montage videos on the BBC website, my dad has downloaded the closing ceremony soundtrack and that has been blasting all morning, and I am so very, very sad that it's all over. It's hard to know what to do with yourself after something that has pulled you in so completely is suddenly gone. The pictures in the papers and the headlines about how well London did have made me well up with pride, which is a lovely feeling, because us Brits don't tend to be overwhelmingly patriotic at the best of times. My personal highlights of the closing ceremony have got to be the Spice Girls and Eric Idle. Oooh, and Take That were fantastic as well.

So yes, London 2012 has drawn to a close, but at least I know where to find some awesome montage videos if I ever need a burst of national pride. Cheers London, you've been awesome.

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