Olympic Fever

Yes, yes, I'm aware I've been a tad absent lately, but I have been to Barmouth visiting Daf's family and also I'm just a bit rubbish. But let's talk about the Olympics shall we? Aren't we doing well?

I was saying to my dad the other day that every time Team GB win a gold medal I get an undeserved feeling of accomplishment, like I have just won a gold medal. And I think that's what I love about the Olympics this year; because they're in London I feel a lot more involved than I have done during previous Olympics (despite the fact that I live nowhere near London). I don't know, perhaps it's because I'm in the same timezone as all the action. But anyway, at the moment we seem to be winning gold medals left, right and centre, and the fact that a nation as small as Great Britain are currently sitting third in the medals table is fantastic, and I'm feeling pretty proud of my country right now. Here's hoping Andy Murray wins himself a gold medal or two today.

Finally, here is a photograph that I took of some bubbles when I was in Barmouth. (Bubbles are very hard to photograph).

Song of the Day: Waste by Foster the People. I feel like I might have used this as song of the day before but I can't remember so I'm just going with it.

Currently reading: Oh, so many books.

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