25 facts about me, 21-25

This is way overdue, and my Dad gave me most of these (plus extra, which I'm not including because they're super embarrassing - why do parents have to remember everything?!).

21. For my 9th birthday (or thereabouts) I had a pool party on our compound in Saudi. One of my friends had bought me a new pool toy; it was like an inflatable caterpillar chair or something. I really liked it anyway, and when we got to the pool to have the party, my Dad got into the water and tried to jump up and sit on this caterpillar chair and the seat part of it popped, leaving me with just an inflatable caterpillar head. I was distraught and hysterically cried for ages, quickly eradicating any guilt my dad felt by overreacting to such an extreme. But the injustice of it all - I didn't get to play with it once! Another traumatic experience from my childhood.

22. We were on holiday in Sri Lanka when I was little and in our hotel I got into a lift on my own for some reason, leaving my parents frantically trying to find me while I hopped from floor to floor.

23. When I was small I used to make up songs about what I was doing and just sing them. There's video evidence of this. I was a musical prodigy.

24. Another Kenyan safari story - at the beginning of our 3 hour safari, I vomited on the floor of the van which I'm sure made it a wonderfully smelly journey for everyone else on the trip!

25. I used to prefer rainy days to sunny days. I think a lot of that came from living in Saudi for most of my childhood, where it is sunny the majority of the time, so it was always a novelty when it rained. Now I like an even balance between the two. I do still love a good rainy day though.

So that's it, that's my 25 facts, although it was more like 25 childhood memories! How people managed to come up with 50 is beyond me!

Song of the Day: Pompeii by Bastille

Currently reading: Linger - I'm almost finished though. It's actually pretty crap.


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  2. I think your dad is a very funny person :)
    haha I also used to like singing when I was young.
    Rainy days are better for me than sunny days, especially in summer.
    P.S. Sorry for my English. I'm still learning :)


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