A tale of insomnia

Last night I felt a little bit poorly when I got into bed, so was finding it difficult to get to sleep. So I got my i-pod and put on The Silver Seas because their songs are so gentle that I thought it would help me sleep. And I was right, when the album finished, I turned off my i-pod and was feeling nice and relaxed, and was just about to drift off when inexplicably, the scene from The NeverEnding Story when Atreyu's horse drowns in the mud popped into my head. Suddenly, I'm not only wide awake, but filled with sadness from this movie scene which traumatised my childhood. 

So anyway, after that, I drove myself crazy trying to think of the horse's name (it's Artax, I had to look it up today - I just couldn't think of it). Then I started humming along to the score of the movie in my head, and all of a sudden it was nearly 4am and I was still awake.

I hate nights like that. But I now really want to watch The NeverEnding Story.

Song of the Day: NeverEnding Story by Limahl. It seemed appropriate.

Currently reading: Linger. I accidentally lied in my last post, I was still reading Shiver but I got the titles mixed up.

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