Looking down...

In the vast majority of my outfit photos I look down. I guess this is because it still feels a bit awkward, standing in the garden taking photos of myself. But then again, I look down a lot in general, especially when I'm walking. I watch my feet. Not because I'm afraid of making eye contact with anyone, but because I want to see what I'm stepping on. I like to avoid the dog poo and chewing gum.

Also, today I kind of managed to put my hair into a side-plait! I've wanted to do this for ages but they always look a bit clumpy on me because my hair is so thick. I had to pin this back awkwardly at the back of my head as well because the top layers are too short to do it properly. Maybe when my hair gets a bit longer.

Denim Jacket: Dorothy Perkins
Top: River Island
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: New Look

Song of the Day: Home By Now by Bombay Bicycle Club

Currently reading: I'm ashamed to say I still haven't started a new book since finishing Eleanor & Park. I will soon!

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  1. Hi Pretty,
    Your style is so fresh and trendy and your pictures are just gorgeous.
    Would you please also check mine and maybe we can follow each other?


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