Monday Funday

Need cheering up on this Monday afternoon? Watch this advert.

This little girl is my hero, she's so enthusiastic.

I came across this LEGOgrapher photo series on Bored Panda by photographer Andrew Whyte. It's really clever, well worth a look.

In other news, over the weekend I bought a new TV for my room. A flatscreen one that takes up far less room than the old one - which, in fairness, was about a thousand years old (that might be a slight exaggeration). Today I've had a massive tidy and de-clutter in my room and I feel so much better for it. Tidy space, tidy mind.

I also added a lot more photos to my Flickr account, so if you want to see any photos I've taken, many of which that have never been featured on the blog, then please feel free to have a look at my photostream. And here's a preview :)

Song of the Day: Tell Me I'm A Wreck by Every Avenue

Currently Reading: The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer

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