A lick of paint

You may have noticed I've had a layout change. I've always had issues with my blogger themes ever since I started blogging, and even though I got better at changing things myself, I decided I am just not good enough at design to ever be completely happy with what I can come up with on my own. So I bought an easily customised theme from etsy, had a little play, and voilĂ ! I may not be able to use Photoshop very well, but I can cut and paste code like nobody's business. I've also added a blogroll because sharing is caring. 

I'm really happy with it, I feel like it looks more like a 'real' blog (if that makes sense?). It makes me excited to write more on here (although I think I'm doing pretty well so far this year - but then again it is only January). 

Song of the Day: On My Side Leighton Meester


  1. I like this layout!



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