Sensitive soul

I was a sensitive soul when I was a child. Sad movies, songs and books used to always make me cry. I vividly remember going into my room and sobbing inconsolably after watching Dragonheart (remember that movie, with Sean Connery playing a dragon? It was great). However, somewhere down the line, I stopped getting so teary about things. I don't mean that I became I robot or anything and stopped feeling things. I still acknowledged the sad scenes in movies, like when Jack dies in Titanic (I don't mean to spoil it for anyone but come on, Titanic is about a million years old now), I just for some reason didn't get as upset by things like this anymore. This went on for years and years. Until now, apparently.

Recently, I feel like I've been getting teary eyed a lot. I think perhaps I've just watched/listened to a lot of sad (or at least moving) films and songs lately. For instance, in the last month I've watched The Fault in our Stars (sad), Les Miserables (it's called that for a reason people), The Theory of Everything (incredibly moving) and The Book Thief (very sad). Also, I was listening to the Wicked soundtrack the other day and when For Good came on, I very nearly bawled. 

However, would you like to know the most recent thing to make me cry? This song from An American Tail

I don't know what's happening to me.

Song of the Day: Polaroid Picture by Frank Turner

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