Little bits of joy

There's been quite a few bad-news days recently. So to cheer everyone up (mainly myself though) follow these links instead.

Apparently death metal music attracts great white sharks and if that's not the best sentence you've ever read then you're lying.

There's a dog in Seattle that catches the bus on it's own to get to the dog park. All the bus drivers know him and it's adorable.

Christmas is upon us and that means festive tunes. I Believe In Father Christmas by Greg Lake is probably my personal favourite but for real cheer factor I really like Sleigh Ride as well and Walk off the Earth's version is the best of the bunch (in my humble opinion).

I love the US version of The Office so was naturally distraught when it was taken off Netflix, but anyway this is one of my favourite Dwight moments.

And as if there weren't already enough animal goodness on this list, here's some dogs who have no concept of personal space.

That'll do I think.

Song of the Day: Can't Help Falling In Love With You - twenty one pilots cover. This is I think the only version of this song that I like. I don't know, there's just something about it, and this little video for it is cute. (Take my hand, take my whole life too/ 'Cause I can't help falling in love with you)

Currently reading: Still The Invisible Library but I read a good chunk of it last night so might get it finished today or tomorrow which is good because there's a tonne of books that I want to read at the moment.

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