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The problem with winter is that it's so hard to get out of bed in the morning, because you know that while you're still snuggled under the covers, that is the warmest you are going to be all day. And that is a depressing thought first thing on a Monday morning. All you want to do on these days is wear your absolute comfiest clothes, and those aren't usually the cutest outfits.

Anyway, one of my favourite things to do is look at homeware, which I can't buy because I don't yet have my own house. And that makes me sad because there's no point in me buying things like that right now. Oh well, one day. Here's a few things I've found lately anyway, for my 'one day' house.

This octopus shower curtain from I don't know why I like this because it's kind of creepy looking, but I love it. It's quirky.

 These dinosaur cushions from H&M. I think they're probably meant for a child, but I really love dinosaurs, they are cool.

I love this adorable wall print. I love a good cuppa.

Cute mugs! I have a thing for mugs, you can never have too many!

When I do one day leave home, I definitely want to get a globe. This John Lewis one is really pretty.

Of course, by the time I am in a position where purchasing things like these is actually not a ridiculous thing for me to do, I bet none of the above items will be available anymore. Never mind, such is life.

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