A trip to Bakewell

Last week, I had a few (paid!) days off because the pub where I work was getting a minor refurbishment. This time off beautifully coincided with my parents coming home for a couple of weeks. So we went to Derbyshire to visit my grandparents, and popped into Bakewell for a spot of lunch and a little wander around.

My brother, who couldn't come as he was working, gave us strict instructions to pick him up a proper Bakewell pudding while we were there. There are actually two shops, right round the corner from each other which both claim to sell the original pudding. We went to this one, at any rate. My honest verdict? I hated it, but I think I was in the minority. Give me a Mr. Kipling Bakewell tart any day.

I do appreciate a good window display...

It was a pretty miserable day, but the rain largely managed to hold off until we were heading back to the car. Bakewell is a lovely, quaint little town. Even newer buildings have been built in the style of the older ones so nothing looks out of place. It's very picturesque, well worth a look around!

Song of the Day: Adventure Time by BriBry

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