Chocolate Coma


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter with lots of chocolatey goodies. I got quite a lot. I was going to photograph my stash to put on the blog but unfortunately, there have been some casualties and it doesn't look as impressive a collection anymore! Lets just say I felt a little bit sick Sunday night.

Eat responsibly, kids.

Speaking of chocolate though, I really need to cut down. Obviously now is a difficult time to attempt a chocolate fast as there is currently a 12-pack of Creme Eggs in the fridge, but you know, when they're gone. I've just been noticing that a few of my jeans feel a but tighter than they were before, so I want to trim up, ever so slightly.

Top: Matalan
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Wedges: Matalan

Song of the Day: Half The World Away by Oasis

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