A fun Saturday activity

I had to go to Specsavers for a sight test today, because apparently I'm long overdue and they won't be able to give me more contacts unless I'm up to date. I hate getting my eyes tested, not because I'm one of those people who has a weird eye phobia or anything, but because the people who work at the opticians always try to sell you things but in a crafty way so you don't quite realise - they trick you into thinking it'll be good for you. Take today, for example. I went in for my £20 sight test and was told by the optician that the prescription in my glasses was different to the one that my contact lenses had (a fact which I was well aware of). She suggested I get new glasses with the correct prescription because it would encourage me to wear my contacts less and would be better for my eyes in the long run, which I was planning on doing anyway. She also suggested that I get the lenses of the glasses thinned out because it would make them lighter and more comfortable, which I thought sounded like a good idea. Anyway, I went to look at glasses to see what frames I might like but quickly realised that, because I had come to Specsavers with my glasses and not my contacts on, I wouldn't be able to see what any of the stupid frames looked like. After a quick phone-call to Daf, who luckily was only up the road, I got him to come and act as my mirror. There wasn't much choice in my price range so I quickly picked some that I liked enough, as I wouldn't be wearing them all the time anyway, and then I went with one of the members of staff to sort out payment, etc. He mentioned the thinning of the lenses and I said that I thought that would be a good idea, so he showed me the three different thickness levels that they could shave the lenses down to. The cheapest option was £40, the most expensive was £90. I laughed without humour and said, "On second thoughts I think they'll be alright as they are". I'm a student, there are so many things I'd rather spend £40 on. I thought it would have been a tenner or something, but no. He then went on to ask if I wanted some other kind of treatment on my glasses to protect them from I don't know what. I smiled and shook my head - I think he got the point and just sorted out my next appointment. Whatever, I'm still out 45 quid.

The other night I asked Daf if he was ever going to get around to booking a sight test, as he sometimes has to focus a bit harder on words, but he said he didn't really want to because he didn't want to pay for glasses. Because god forbid he be able to see clearly. I asked him again today when we left Specsavers and he replied with this little gem:

"No I think I'm alright for now, I mean it's not like I'm bumping into anything."

I despair.

In other news, I took this photo a few days ago and thought it was pretty cool.

I think that's it for now. Happy Weekend!

Today I'm loving: the band One Night Only, awesome.

Today I'm hatin': this, which was on the msn homepage. Noooo!

Song of the day: (Still A) Weirdo by KT Tunstall.  
Pay my lip service/Keep it eloquent/Optimistic but/Never quite elegant/Still a weirdo/Still a weirdo, after all these years

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