Firstly, I need to readdress what I said in my previous post about the "lacklustre" season finale of Lost. Turns out what I thought was the finale wasn't actually the finale at all, but the penultimate episode. We suspected something was amiss when we put on the first episode of season two and realised that none of the clips showed at the beginning during the "Previously on Lost..." bit were familiar. Anyway, we put in the last disc of the first series (which I had thought was bonus features) and found the missing episode. It wasn't lack-lustre at all; in fact it was full of lustre. Apologies, Lost, I take it all back.

So there's been some drama over the weekend about Sky Sports News presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys making off-air sexist comments about female officials not knowing the offside rule during the Wolves v. Liverpool match where there was a female official working. The Mail on Sunday managed to obtain the tape and it caused a very embarrassing situation for Sky Sports. Oh, and my favourite part is when Keys says, referring to West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady's piece about sexism in a Saturday newspaper: "See charming Karren Brady this morning complaining about sexism? Yeah. Do me a favour, love." Brilliant. Especially when you consider the irony that he's now been caught up in a sexism row.

Apparently, no one can see the funny side here; the whole world's lost its sense of humour. Now I'm not condoning sexism here, but I really don't see what the big deal is. I wonder how many blokes made the exact same comment whilst watching the match in the pub? The official in question, Sian Massey, went on to make a crucial correct borderline decision (or so I read, I can't say I watched the match myself), so she's evidently a perfectly capable lines-woman. Plus, undoubtedly, she's heard it all before and has probably learned to take it on the chin.

Gray and Keys have now been disciplined by Sky Sports News and were dropped from covering yesterday's Bolton v. Chelsea match, and Keys has also telephoned Massey to personally apologise for the remarks (which she has apparently accepted). Hopefully that'll be the end of it. [Update: Andy Gray has been sacked!] They were obviously very silly to make such comments whilst wearing microphones, but the whole incident just highlights the fact that you really can't say anything these days. Look how much trouble a bit of banter has got Gray and Keys into. Anyway, I think that if people were completely honest with themselves, they'd realise that everyone is at least a tiny bit sexist, whether or not they're particularly vocal about it. It's unavoidable. Men think women are bad drivers and women think that no man will ever stop to ask for directions. Men think that women can't go to the toilet by themselves on a night out and women think men can't multi-task. It's an on-going saga. I, personally, do not know what the offside rule is. My boyfriend has explained it to me on several occasions but I never seem to retain this knowledge. I think the simple reason is that I just don't care.

Today I'm loving: this video that I just found on my laptop. I think it was from Lauren's camera, so thanks Lauren!

Today I'm hatin': ahh I can't think of, the rain I guess.

Song of the day: Shooting Star by Air Traffic.  
Pretty if the sun won't shine/I'll be coming out to meet you/I'll be there to make you mine

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