Anyone who has been keeping up to date with this blog, new though it is, will notice that the layout keeps changing. I'm trying to get it just how I want it but Blogger seems to be really good at over-complicating matters. I want to move the title (Useless Ramblings) to the centre and I want to change the font, but apparently that's impossible. I'm sure I'll get it just right eventually but right now it's all new and it's frustrating the hell out of me.

At the moment I'm reveling* in the fact that I've succeeded in getting Dafydd to watch Lost with me. I started watching Lost when it first came out on Channel 4, but missed a couple of episodes and, ironically, got completely lost when I next managed to watch it. I'd been wanting to start watching it again for a while because I never really got past the first season before but I did enjoy it when I actually knew what was going on. So Daf bought me the first two seasons on DVD for Christmas. I thought I was going to have to watch them on my own, as Daf has said on several occasions: "Lost, it's just the worst show ever", despite never having actually seen it. Typical. Anyway, he saw bits and pieces when I was watching it and eventually his curiosity peaked and he started properly watching it with me, and even suggested putting it on a couple of times. Today we finished the first season, and I'm so glad we already have the second because to be honest I'd have been disappointed if I had to wait for new episodes after the somewhat lacklustre season one finale.

In other news, I know it seems like I'm blogging a lot (I do have a life, honest), but I don't have any lectures at the minute because it's exam time. I've just got revision to do for my last semester one exam, which is on Friday. But other than that I've got a bags of free time, and I'm really enjoying this at the moment. It gives me a chance to vent when Daf doesn't want to listen to me anymore.

Also, I have a £25 gift card for Amazon that I got for Christmas but no idea what to spend it on. Any ideas? I have a feeling I may end up getting some sort of Spongebob Squarepants boxset...

Hope everyone's had good weekends, or fun at work for those of you reading in Saudi (I know mum's told you about this!)


*I wanted to spell this with two l's, but apparently that's not right. But reveling looks wrong. Oh well, you know what I'm trying to say.

Today I'm loving: this

Today I'm hatin: how lazy I've been. Ah well, it is Sunday after all.

Song of the day: War Sweater by Wakey!Wakey!  
I'm in the mood where I come all untied/I'm in the mood to say shit that will change people's minds

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