Even more 10 things...I mean 7

It's that time again where I do a '10 things' list. This one is going to be 10 things that make me teary eyed. This list will probably all be scenes from movies or TV shows, maybe a couple of songs.

1. J.D's final scene in series 8 of Scrubs (even though he was in a whole bunch of episodes in the new series they did but have since cancelled). I just think it's so beautifully done, the music is perfect, it's funny and touching and I really really love it.

2. Elaine Paige's version of Memory from the musical Cats. It's such a beautiful song, and she sings it so well, even if she is really annoying on that radio show she does.

3. The scene from A Walk To Remember when Landon goes to see his dad to thank him and he cries and they hug and aaaahhhhh it's just so heart-breaking. Gets me everytime, there's just something about seeing a man cry anyway.

4. When Satine dies in Moulin Rouge, because it involves more man tears, from Ewan McGregor this time.

5. My Sister's Keeper - the book, not the film (which I'm yet to see but I don't want to because apparently they changed the ending completely). So, so sad. There's nothing remotely happy about this book, so maybe don't read it.

6. Another book, The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Specifically the ending. Another very sad book, and generally depressing, but read it, it's good.

7. There's a movie from the early 90s or something called Dragonheart with Dennis Quaid in it, and he befriends this talking dragon (voiced by Sean Connery). Anyway, I don't remember much of the storyline but at the end, the dragon dies. I remember watching it when I was younger and I was so upset by this that I went up to my room and cried on my own for about half an hour. I haven't seen this film in a long time, but I'd probably still be upset that the dragon dies.

OK, I literally can't think of anymore. But that's alright, because I clearly said 7 things, right? Right.


Today I'm loving: A multitude of things. First, that tomorrow I have my last ever seminar at university. Second, that on Wednesday I begin my Easter holidays because I'm going home (albeit I'll be spending it writing my dissertation, but still). And third, that Daf will shortly be bringing me a McFlurry. Awesome.

Today I'm hatin': Ummmm....I have a slight headache.

Song of the Day: After Hours by We Are Scientists, because I watched Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist last night and then downloaded the soundtrack because it's so good.
This night is winding down but time means nothing/As always at this hour time means nothing/One final, final round 'cause time means nothing/Say that you'll stay, say that you'll stay

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  1. The Road is one of my all-time favourites.


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