Good afternoon, world.

A few days ago I had a massive clear-out of my belongings, put a bunch of old clothes in a charity bag to make space for the clothes I like, got rid of lots of old letters and things, and generally tried to make my tiny bedroom resemble something...tidy. Whilst going through the plethora of crap in the drawers under my bed, I found a few folders and workbooks from when I was at school. A few of them were projects from when I was in years 5 and 6, but the majority of it was drawings and writing excersises from year 2 and below. I went through it all, just to reminisce and you know, for laughs. I am going to share with you a story I wrote. I can't have been more than six when I wrote this, in fact I think I was probably younger.

Once upon a time There
lived a ugly big giant
and he stampd his feet alot
he lived in a cave sometimes he
went to sleep
the giants name was Tom
but one day he was cross.
I was clearly born to be a writer.

I copied it down exactly as it was written, and as you can see, there's not a whole lot of plot to it. There was an illustration to go with it, but it's just awful, all of the proportions were wrong. I'm ashamed of my childhood self.

In other news, here's some cool things I found on t'internet! 

Found this on Google Images and thought it was awesome, I think it might be from that Epic Mickey game or something.

I love Lost and the fact that someone has a tattoo of John Locke's face along with the words he uses so often is absolutely hilarious. "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO!" I also found this on Google Images, and it's on a bunch of people's Tumblrs as well.

This is some awesomely creepy Peter Pan concept art which I again found on Google Images but I think this is the original source with the illustrator:

Finally, here's a scary fish. Found on Google Images obviously.

I'd better go and do something productive now.

I'm loving: My parents will be back in a few days so I won't be a loney loner anymore.

I'm hatin': The sun has gone and I'm so cooooooooooooooold.
Song of the Day: The First Single (You Know Me) by The Format
You know me, oh you think you do/You just don't seem to see/I've been waiting all this time to be something I can't define


  1. haha this post is so random, I love it! I'm totally getting a locke tattoo now.


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