This is what I have been doing

My Dad has complained about the lack of a new blog post, and I'm sure my LEGION of avid readers will agree so, without further ado...

I'm now back at home for the Easter holidays, and have lugged the majority of my possessions back with me to save me a mammoth job when I finish at the end of May. I had a minor panic attack when I was packing and couldn't find my dissertation research anywhere. After watching me frantically search my desk and shelves, muttering profanities as I went, Daf finally said; "Isn't it on that chair?" 
It was on that chair, obscured by a mound of clothes, because you know, why wouldn't I keep it there?

Anyway, I am successfully home with everything I need. Yesterday we went to Merry Hill (which is a big shopping centre), mainly because I wanted to go to H&M. It was a really nice warm day, and on the drive there we saw this young gentleman walking along the pavement, cigarette in his mouth, topless, and wearing a woolly hat. Brilliant.

I have bought myself a trilby hat, because I've wanted one for ages and I think that now I have shorter hair I can pull it off. I think it makes me look super awesome. Daf respectfully disagrees.

When we got back, I supervised while Daf mowed the lawn, then I pranced around taking pictures, some of which I will put on here, as soon as I find my camera cable.

It's another sunny day so I should probably get out of my pyjamas and go outside.


Today I'm loving: The sun of course!

Today I'm hatin': I keep sneezing, and not like once or twice, but about seven times in a row, several times a day. Could this be hayfever? I've never had it before, but can you develop it pretty much whenever? These are genuine questions by the way, let me know if you are a hayfever connoisseur (if that's even a legitimate thing).

Song of the Day: Last Words by The Real Tuesday Weld, continuing on my Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist theme.
You said you loved me/And I kind of believe that/But these days who knows what it means?

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