Maxi skirts

I took photos in a slightly different spot to usual! It was sunny, and the area in front of the fence gets shady pretty quickly and I wanted to stand in the sunshine for a change. It was so warm, it's been lovely. Today it is cloudy and looks like it could rain any second. Bring back the sun!

I now own two maxi skirts. This one is a good length as it actually doesn't drag on the floor when I walk around. The other one I have is a little bit longer but I could always wear it with wedges, or just pull it up a little higher.

When I looked through these photos after taking them, I realised how incredibly pale I am, haha. I think I could do with a bit of a sun-tan.

My hair is a big old mess. I'm starting to get a couple of split ends now so really should get it cut, but it's just an effort, plus I really like the length. Ah well, I'll just have the ends trimmed I guess.

Hat: New Look
Top: River Island
Skirt: Primark
Espadrilles: Dorothy Perkins

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