A bad blogger's weekly round-up

I do believe it's been over a week since I blogged. I've been meaning to, but I've been busy in a kind of non-busy way. Last weekend I went to Ludlow for a gathering for Soph's birthday which was fun, she got given a tent which she tried to convince me we were sleeping in (I am not a fan of tents or camping). On Monday Daf came up on the train from Barmouth for a few days. We went to the cinema on Tuesday to watch X-Men: First Class which was really good if you like that sort of thing (and I do). On Wednesday it was my birthday! 22 years old, it doesn't feel like such a fun age. Anyway, I got a lovely present of a cold, so it wasn't one of my better birthdays. I really don't remember what happened on Thursday, it has disappeared from my memory, but yesterday I went to a local pub/restaurant to chat about starting a job there, which I will be doing next week. It's just a Saturday job at the moment but it'll pick up as it gets busier, also I could maybe get another job for the week. Either way I'm pretty pleased that I only got back from university just over a week ago and I already have a job on the horizon. Yay for money! Oh, and also Daf and I have now completely finished Lost. What an emotional rollercoaster, that's all I can say. I was up early this morning to drop Daf off at the train station, and the ONLY good thing about this is that as a result I was able to watch Spongebob which is always a winner in my book.

Sorry to go all, "On Monday I did this, and then I did that..." on you but it's my attempt at explaining my absence. Hopefully I'll be back to updating a bit more regularly now.

Here's some photos!

These were all taken in Soph's garden in Ludlow.

Song of the Day: Nightingale Song by Toad The Wet Sprocket
And little ever changes if anything at all/Just reminds ourselves how small we are

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