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I was surfin' the net, as you do, and I came across this on tumblr, about Rick Santorum. He is a member of the Republican Party and has now entered the 2012 presidential election campaign, so that's good news (sarcasm LOL). The idea that this man wants to implement a blanket ban on abortion is ridiculous, and it is even more ridiculous that he thinks doctors who perform abortions should be criminally charged. I cannot believe the hypocrisy here, when his own wife had an abortion when her life was endangered. It was obviously a difficult decision and no one wants to go through something like that, but you'd think that an experience like that would change his opinion on abortion? Apparently not.

It always makes me angry when I read about republicans wanting to introduce legislation like this about abortion, because I always think that they'd change their opinion if they or someone they loved was suddenly in a pregnancy situation (such as rape, or illness) where they might not want to keep the baby. However, Santorum has experienced this, and he still wants to implement a ban which, if it was in place in 1997, would have meant his wife would have died.

This boggles me. It completely boggles my mind. Abortion should ALWAYS be a choice for the women left with unwanted pregnancies. I don't for one minute think that abortion should be used as contraception by silly girls who forget to insist upon a condom. There are plenty of contraception options out there and if there are any girls who actively think that if they do get pregnant they can always have an abortion then there is something terribly wrong with the world. However, accidents happen, and for those who are raped; for those who become ill; if a scan picks up any birth defects, or for those women who are just not ready, they should always have the choice.

The last paragraph of the blog-post (from a blog run by Michael Kindt) I linked at the beginning says this:

“Abortion in any form is wrong,” said Santorum in 2000, three years after the tragedy. “Except for my wife. If your wife’s life was at stake and the only thing that could save her was an abortion, well, too bad. Your wife will have to die. It was different with my wife. You see, I love her. I don’t even know your wife’s name.”

The quotation marks shouldn't be there because as far as I'm aware, Santorum never actually said this, it was probably just inferred by the author for emphasis. However, the sentiment I think is exactly right. He's a filthy hypocrite and if he gets into office I think it would be a disaster. No one with such poisonous ideas should be in a position of power.

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