Work, results and summer

Hello blog, I have missed you. I ended up working Friday, Saturday AND a surprise shift on Sunday, so I've been busy either working or resting my feet before going into work. I think I need to invest in shoes with good soles, as my current pair are too flimsy - I can feel every bump and crack in the floor which gets pretty painful after a while. Other than that though, work is going well. So far I haven't had anyone complain about food, and everyone has been really nice. I'm a happy bunny.

I get my results on Thursday, which is about time. My university are painfully slow at getting results back. By the time I get them it will be a month since I finished, and thanks to status updates on Facebook, I know that people from other universities have got their results a couple of weeks or so after they've finished their exams. Never mind, only another agonizing three days to go. 

For now I'm enjoying watching Wimbledon and getting excited for my holiday - I'm off to Turkey in July. I didn't go on holiday last year so I feel like it's a much deserved break.

Here's a photo so that this blog post looks longer:

Stay tuned for something better next time!

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